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International Resources for Latter-day Saints

LDS Church Growth, Member Activity, and Convert Retention: Review and Analysis

By David Stewart

Chapter I-01: Introduction
Chapter I-02: Who is a Church Member?
Chapter I-03: What is Activity?
Chapter I-04: What is Growth?
Chapter I-05: Self-identified Religious Affiliation
Chapter I-06: Double Affiliation
Chapter I-07: Address Unknown File
Chapter I-08: Other Terms
Chapter II-01: Sources of Data: Official Church Statistics
Chapter II-02: Sources of Data: Congregational Growth
Chapter II-03: Sources of Data: Dependent Research
Chapter II-04: Sources of Data: Statements of Church Leaders
Chapter II-05: Sources of Data: Sociologic Surveys
Chapter II-06: Sources of Data: National Censuses
Chapter II-07: Sources of Data: Comparative Data
Chapter II-08: Sources of Data: Hybrid Research
Chapter III-01: Levels of Evidence
Chapter III-02: Assessing Data Quality
Chapter III-03: Survey Methodology
Chapter III-04: Response Rates
Chapter III-05: Power and Confidence Interval
Chapter III-06: Definitions and Endpoints
Chapter III-07: Social Acceptability Bias and Limitations of Self-Reported Data
Chapter III-08: The Unknown Denominator
Chapter III-09: Outcome Reporting Bias
Chapter III-10: Conflict of Interest
Chapter III-11: Agenda and Bias
Chapter III-12: Transparency
Chapter III-13: Privacy and Confidentiality
Chapter III-14: Geography, Member Differences, and Sampling
Chapter III-15: Are Census Data Valid?
Chapter III-16: Limitations of Data
Chapter III-17: Correlating the Data
Chapter IV-01: Overall Growth Trends
Chapter IV-02: International Growth
Chapter IV-03: Congregational Growth Trends
Chapter IV-04: Natural Growth
Chapter IV-05: Member-Missionary Participation
Chapter IV-06: Member Activity and Convert Retention
Chapter IV-07: United States and Canada
Chapter IV-08: Latin America
Chapter IV-09: Europe
Chapter IV-10: Asia
Chapter IV-11: Australia and New Zealand
Chapter IV-12: Africa
Chapter IV-13: Other Church Data
Chapter V-01: Conclusions