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International Resources for Latter-day Saints

Discussions with My Friend: An Introduction to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

By David Stewart
Work in progress

Chapter 00: The Need for this Work  
Chapter 01: Is there a God? Does Science Disprove God?  
Chapter 02: Truth  
Chapter 03: The Cares of this World  
Chapter 04: Finding Truth  
Chapter 05: Conscience: The Divine Light Within  
Chapter 06: Seeking Truth through Reason  
Chapter 07: Prophets as Messengers of the Divine  
Chapter 08: Inspired Scripture as a Guide to Mankind  
Chapter 09: Ancient Prophets or Living Word?  
Chapter 10: Life Application  
Chapter 11: Testimony as Witness of Truth  
Chapter 12: One Truth or Many Paths?  
Chapter 12A: Religion: Man-made or Divine?  
Chapter 13: Finding Truth through Prayer and the Holy Spirit  
Chapter 14: The Practical Value of True Religion  
Chapter 15: The Need for a Savior  
Chapter 16: Messenger or Source?  
Chapter 17: Nothing New in Christianity?  
Chapter 18: The Problem of the Old Testament  
Chapter 19: The Age of Confusion  
Chapter 20: Analyzing World Faiths  
Chapter 21: Analyzing Christian Movements  
Chapter 22: What Happened to Christianity?  
Chapter 23: Salvation without Sanctification?  
Chapter 24: Seeking God's Will or Imposing Man's?  
Chapter 25: The Christian Apostasy  
Chapter 26: Reformation or Restoration? The Second Coming of the Church  
Chapter 27: Why do I need the Church?  
Chapter 28: Divine Authority through the Eternal Priesthood  
Chapter 29: The Bible: Inerrant, Mythical, or Inspired Scripture 'As Far as it is Translated Correctly?'  
Chapter 30: The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ  
Chapter 31: Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Saints  
Chapter 32: By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them  
Chapter 33: Habits of Faith  
Chapter 34: The Word of Wisdom  
Chapter 35: Family and Society  
Chapter 36: The Universal Gospel: Choice and Responsibility  
Chapter 37: Latter-day Saints and Muslims  
Chapter 38: Latter-day Saints and Buddhists  
Chapter 39: What of the Pagan? Mercy, Justice and Judgment  
Chapter 40: What does God Require?  
Chapter 40: Your Divine Potential  
Chapter 41: Scriptural Teachings on Heaven